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Western Transdanubia


You've never been to Western Transdanubia before? Then enjoy a hike through the Pannon, Kõszegi or Soproni Hills, or the untouched lands of Fertõ-Hanság, Írottkõ or Szigetköz. Tired? Then how about a dip in the bubbling thermal waters of a luxurious spa. If you're fond of sport, you can head for the region's lakes and rivers or the bicycle paths that attract discerning visitors from all over the world; if it's tranquillity you crave, how about a picnic amidst the folkloric treasures of Õrség?

When it's time to explore the culture and history of the region, you'll find that our mediaeval castles, baroque palaces and churches tell a millennia-old story. Whether it's the stunning architecture of Sopron, the monuments commemorating the arrival of Arpád the Great in Pannonhalma (a World Heritage Site), the buildings of lapidary beauty in Kõszeg, ("The Nations's Jewel Box") or the timeless Roman ruins of Szombathely (ancestral home of the protagonist in James Joyce's Ulysses), the region is steeped in history. You'll find that culture here has a lighter side amidst the bustle of "champagne programs" and festivals such as the Savaria Carnival, "Summer in Gyõr", and "Festive Weeks in Sopron," just to name a few. To keep from going hungry, we'll take a unique gastronomic journey and quench our thirst with the rightfully famous Soproni Kékfrankos red wine and wines from Zala and Somla. Relaxation, recreation, entertainment and rejuvenation: That's what awaits you in Western Transdanubia.

Where is Western Transdanubia exactly? The three counties in this region are Gyõr-Moson-Sopron, Vas and Zala at Hungary's western border. No fewer than four countries lie across our border: Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

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