République tchèque

Central Transdanubia


n the land between Balaton and Budapest, transportation is excellent. The region is crossed by two motorways and two main railway lines. This makes the area a "top region"; only 30 minutes from Budapest, it's a haven for people who want to escape the bustle of the city.

The region extends from the Danube to the Balaton Highlands, and is a microcosm of the country as a whole. Examples of each of the country's main geographical areas can be found here: the Great Plain is represented by the Mezõföld, the Northern Hills by Bakony and Vértes, the Transdanubian Hills by the Velencei Hills, and Lake Balaton by Lake Velencei.

Almost everywhere in Central Transdanubia, centuries-old monuments and archaeological sites show how the area's been inhabited since ancient times and evoke the myths and legends of past ages. The ancient capital of Székesfehérvár, the town of kings and cradle of statehood, is here as is Veszprém, the town of queens. The region's peaceful villages, well-stocked lakes, and forests rich in game are a powerful lure for recreation seekers. Lake Velencei offers the joys of swimming and water sports while the towns beckon visitors with historical and architectural landmarks, atmospheric streets and squares, and the legendary Hungarian hospitality. In addition to the aromas of international cuisine wafting from the region's many small inns and restaurants, the flavours of the traditional Hungarian kitchen captivate visitors with their promise of a unique culinary experience. Those who taste the famous specialities of the region, for example, Carp á la Racz, Outlaw's Soup, roast pig or Wild Boar á la Bakony, will have stories to tell of an unmatched regional cuisine. The enjoyment is further enhanced with a noble, full-bodied wine from nearby Ászár-Neszmély, Mór, Somló or Etyek.

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